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At HealthStatus we have been providing consumers with easy to use and understand health tools since 1998.  Our health calculators and health risk assessments have been used by 50+million people to get more informed about their own health conditions.   While our tools are excellent at what they do, the next step, a local resource that could help these users take the next steps in improving their health and fitness has not been a seamless connection.   For that reason we have created HealthPush.com an easy to use resource to allow personal trainers and other wellness professionals to create value packed offers for the visitors to our website and a face to face meeting with motivated potential long-term clients.

  • The concept is easy, if you are a wellness professional you join HealthPush for free.
  • Create your personal profile, so potential clients can see what you are about.
  • Create a special, value packed offer that really puts your best foot forward.
  • We show visitors from your community your special offer.
  • If they select your offer, we handle the online transaction and facilitate getting you and your new client together.
  • You get a face to face meeting with an opportunity to convert them into a long term client.

Our proven methods for engaging your community will get people in the door that might not have come on their own accord.